Mass Spectrometry Laboratory Service and Rates





1)   Revenues from the service are used exclusively to maintain the facility operation and to enhance service to the users.  We reserve the right to vary the rate quarterly, depending on the usage and operational cost.


2)   For out of campus users, the rate includes the current overhead rate of UH.


3)   The instrument does not have a quadrupole for selection of precursor ions. Therefore, only pure samples are suitable for MS/MS (tandem MS). 


4)   MS results are available generally on the same day. Our unique instrumental configuration and seamless sample and data delivery procedure allow us to offer this special rate to UH users under the conditions that the following strict requirements are met.

i)   All the solvents must be LC-MS Grade (order info in Resources page); 

ii)  High boiling point solvents (e.g. DMF, DMSO) must be completely removed; 

iii) The concentration of the sample should be in the range of 0.1 –1 μg/mL, and a volume of >200 μL in a sample vial (order info in Resources page). If the concentration is too high, we will charge the user an additional fee of $20 for cleaning the instrument. In the case that the sample concentration is so high or contains particles causing blockage of the capillary tube, the user will be charged an additional $120 per incidence to cover the cost for instrument downtime of 2 days for cleaning, vacuum, baking, calibration, and alignment. Notification of these charges will be emailed to the user and copied to the PI. The user has 24 hours to dispute it by sending an email to

iv) Please submit your samples on the sample rack in the minifridge outside room 454 STL building and fill in the sample info. Remember to note the position of your sample in the sample rack for retrieving the MS data. If not noted, samples will be analyzed in the afternoon on the same day and results will be available at 6 pm in the designated Dropbox. The samples will be held for 3 days and the results will be kept for 15 days. For new users, please contact Guoting Qin ( with your name and your PI's name for instruction on data retrieving, and downloading and using Xcalibur for data analysis. 


For UH users planning to submit a pure sample without solvent, the rate will be $20/Sample, and the sample amount should be >5 mg in a sample vial (see order info in Resources page).


5)   For purified, weighted, and non-volatile samples (m/z <4000) with a quantity normally higher than 5 mg in a sample vial (Note that the vial and the cap should not contaminate the sample. See order info in Resources page). Please contact us to arrange for sample submission (especially for sample amount <5 mg) and report delivery. 


6)   All samples should be cleaned up to remove other components, such as detergents, lipids, polysaccharides, and salts. Please contact Dr. Guoting Qin (link) to arrange for sample submission and report delivery. Column blockage caused by dirty samples will be charged an extra fee of the retail cost plus $50/column for commercial nanocolumns, or $150/column for self-packed nanocolumns. Pricing is based on per injection; complex samples may require multiple runs, typically 3-5 runs. Note that the price covers a standard report package generated by Peaks Studio software including 1) a summary report listing general information about the method and the number of PSMs, peptides, and proteins, and 2) excel files listing the peptide sequences, m/z, intensity, RT and Uniprot protein ID.


7)   For consultation on sample preparation, assays, and method development service, as well as additional data analysis, please contact Dr. Guoting Qin (link) or Dr. Chengzhi Cai (link).