The University of Houston Mass Spectrometry Laboratory provides fast and high-quality analytical services. We are currently serving researchers at UH as well as users from the Texas Medical Center and the private sector.


Our facility acquired the Bruker's second generation trapped ion mobility mass spectrometer system (timsTOF Pro). The timsTOF Pro offers high speed, high sensitivity, and a near 100% duty cycle, thus especially suits for peptide and proteomic analysis of complex biological samples using very low sample amounts (as low as 50 ng). For service fees, please go to the Services & Rates page. We currently offer promotional prices for bottom-up proteomic analysis using the 30 min/run option for as low as $80 per sample for UH users and $122 per sample for non-UH academic users.

To request service using timsTOF Pro​​

Our facility is equipped with a high-resolution Thermo Exactive mass spectrometer with a resolving power of 100,000. Coupled with an Advion Nanomate for high-throughput direct infusion nanoESI, this system is ideal for rapid HRMS analysis of purified organic compounds and peptides (m/z < 4000). For more information, please visit our Instruments page.

To request service using Exactive

We also offer service using low-resolution LTQ mass spectrometers. For more information, please visit our Instruments page.

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We provide full service that includes consultation, project design, methodology development, and data analysis. For a list of our services and fees, please visit our Services page. 


October 5, 2020

Exactive is down. Repair is in process.

July 2020

We are open.

April 2018 

For UH users sending synthetic compounds and peptides with m/z <4000: 

Please send samples dissolved in LCMS-grade acetonitrile, methanol or water for a ultra-low rate ($8/sample) but strict requirements must be met, otherwise a high fee will be charged to cover the cost for instrument cleaning and downtime ($20 – $120 per sample. See Note 4 in the Service page for details)

Alternatively, please send pure samples (>5 mg) without solvent at a rate of $20 for MS1 and $35 for MS/MS per sample. 

March 2018 

GC-MS and MALDI-MS services were suspended due to the unavailability of replacement parts. We are seeking funds to purchase new GC-MS and MALDI-MS instruments.